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2003-01-08: Hail ajvdvegt! :-)

The current CVS contains a webgift with support for the new interface protocol thanks to ajvdvegt. If you _have_ to use the new CVS of giFT, use the current CVS of webgift as well.

Ow yeah, before I forget. The new CVS has a nice feature. It remembers your searches. So going back and forth between search and transfers is a lot less painful. How about that huh?

2002-12-27: Interface-protocol broken

The interface-protocol is broken for webgift. The other frontend (e.g. giFTcurs) still work, but webgift needs some love. We'll try to make it working again soon. For the time being you can use the webgiFT/giFT combo we've made available on our website. It probably won't work with the new OpenFT network, but at least you have a working combo (for what???).

We probably won't update webgift until after newyear. But we know what to do to make it work.

Stay tuned!

2002-12-01: No, we're not dead.

We have had a webgift overload syndrome and had to let it be for a while. But now we are back. ajvdvegt has already implemented Iframes in CVS. This means that when you switch from search to transfer and back to search, your search-results are still there. It needs some polishing but the basic functionality is there.

2002-10-10: Version 0.2 'Up, up and away' released!

We've made some more changes, and we are now 100% compatible with the latest protocol. Get it here!

New features include authentication! This was quite an important item since you might not want just anybody to start downloading to your server :) . To be sure your giFT version is compatible with WebgiFT, we've made a source tarball for giFT from CVS that's compatible with this release (of course we don't give support on this version!)

2002-10-07: Hmm, well. Not quite ready yet.

Instead of rushing out a new release with some very shaky features, we want to iron out those bugs. So the release will be a little later. If you are really anxious to use WebgiFT, you can always use the CVS.

2002-09-25: UI-protocol breakage.

Yup, we've noticed it too. The interface-protocol has changed in the current CVS of giFT. We were warned that it might happen. The current CVS of webgift has already been updated. So, if you'd like to try our new and very nice login-thingy, go ahead. But be warned. There are some glitches.

We will make a new release in the upcoming week due to this problem. So if you're not too keen on using CVS (why are you using giFT then?), just sit back and wait a few days, or just don't update the giFT-deamon.

2002-09-11: Our very own website.
It is here, finally... a website. The looks are ripped from the original giFT website, and will probably change gradually.

2002-09-10: On SourceForge!
Today we got an affirmative email from sourceforge, and WebgiFT.sourceforge.net is now on-line!

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