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0.2: Up, up, and away! : Download

New in this release:

  • Usercontrol via HTTP Authentication
  • Usercontrol via own implementation via PHP (more flexible)
  • Squashed lots o' bugs
To be sure that your giFT version is compatible with WebgiFT we've made a CVS-snapshot of the giFT deamon. Don't expect support on this one though. If you find bugs in it, they probably have been fixed in current CVS. We only provide this package so you have a working combination of frontend and backend. You can download it here.

0.1: Initial release : Download

Currently implemented giFT features:

  • Show all active transfers, and their status.
  • Downloads can be paused and cancelled.
  • Search for more sources for active downloads.
  • You can search for files, and of course start downloading them.
  • An overview of the files you've shared yourself.


  • A webserver with PHP-support.
  • A browser with proper JavaScript, HTML 4.01 and CSS-support

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