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WebgiFT is a webbased front-end to giFT, a filesharing program. WebgiFT tries to offer the same functionality found in other giFT clients, with minimum reloading of pages.

Currently implemented features:

  • Show all active transfers, and their status.
  • Downloads can be paused and cancelled.
  • Search for more sources for active downloads.
  • You can search for files, and of course start downloading them.
  • An overview of the files you've shared yourself.
  • Access control through username/password. (new in version 0.2)


And in the future, we might include the following things:

  • With usernames, we could:
    • Show which files have been downloaded by YOU.
    • Allow to only stop downloads you started.
  • More skins (yes, WebgiFT is fully skinnable through CSS)
  • Make more use of iframes to make WebgiFT really themeable, not only skinnable.


And to have WebgiFT always available to you when you're on the web, it's compatible with most modern browsers. It is developed using Mozilla, so it always works with that (and most likely also with Netscape 6+). We test using Internet Explorer 5.0, 5.5 and 6.0. We know already that sorting doesn't work in IE 5.0.

To contact us we have an email address: <name-of-this-project>@dirck.mine.nu.

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